Exam Deferrals:
An exam deferral will be processed only if a student has satisfied the exam qualification requirements. Deferred exams must be written in the next available session. Please be advised that results show exam success is less likely for deferred exams.

Exam Deferral Information*

  • Exam deferrals must be done online by the student prior to the date and time of the exam. If students do not defer or write their exam they will be required to re-enroll in the full course.
  • A deferral fee is charged for each exam deferral request and must be paid at the time of the deferral.
  • An exam can only be deferred once.* Second deferrals will not be permitted for any reason, medical or otherwise.
  • Quiz and assignment marks are not carried forward with a deferral request. This applies to all foundation and advance studies courses. A deferred exam will count for 100 per cent of the student’s final grade.
  • When writing a deferred exam, students write the current exam in the program. Students are responsible for any changes to course material.
  • To save their current course information, students should download and save their marked assignments, course materials and webinars before they defer an exam.