As an Employer


  • Become an employer of choice for CGA-PAKISTAN®  trainees
  • Earn a higher return on investment for your training & development costs
  • Achieve best practice in training & development
  • Increase productivity and employee focus
  • Attract and retain high caliber trainees
  • Improve your trainees pass rates
  • Draw on ongoing support for your accountancy training program

Become an Approved Employer:

The approved employer program is a free to join scheme available to employers with staff training and development facilities. They should have demonstrated that they meet global best practice in the provision of learning and development opportunities for trainees and members. They are rewarded by:

  • Granting recognition for their in-house training policies and development activities
  • Actively supporting the continuing professional development (CPD) of their qualified accounting and finance professionals.

The approved employer scheme of the Institute recognizes the high standards of staff training and development of an employer. It leads to the recognition of the employer’s existing in-house training program and policies.
The Approved Employer program  is free to join and helps to attract talented people into the organization. For information on approval, please email:


As a forward-thinking employer, you will know the importance of investing in good accounting staff, who can help to grow your business.

The General Accounting Technician, General Accounting Professional and Certified General Accountant Professional qualification is designed with a clear focus on what employers need. Our qualification focuses on training the student to work in a business environment and is significantly different to other generic-type accounting qualifications as it combines professional examinations with practical work experience.

Attract and retain talent:

By offering our world-leading CGA-PAKISTAN® qualification, you will attract ambitious and talented individuals to your organization. Our reputation for leading the way in the development and delivery of professional qualifications ensures ambitious individuals seek out opportunities to study for the CGA-PAKISTAN® qualification. They recognize that the CGA-PAKISTAN® will identify them as a highly successful individual and teach them to:

  • Produce technically detailed information;
  • Think strategically;
  • Analyse and solve problems;
  • Identify and manage risks effectively;
  • Communicate clearly with clients and colleagues; and
  • Apply the highest ethical standards.

Alternatively, support the development of your existing team into future business leaders by offering the CGA-PAKISTAN® qualification. The CGA-PAKISTAN® qualification will develop their technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience to ensure that they continue to add value to your organization throughout their careers.

Globally-recognized expertise:

Our qualification is globally recognized and continuously evolved to ensure that it meets the needs of business, both now and in the future. Quality is integral to the CGA-PAKISTAN® which is carefully structured, testing not only candidates’ CGA-PAKISTAN® demic skills, but also their understanding of business. This result in consistently high first-time passes rates and equips our members with the skills they need to perform at the highest level in accountancy, finance and business.

What makes the CGA-PAKISTAN® different?

  • All components of the CGA-PAKISTAN® are compulsory, ensuring a consistent benchmark for the knowledge, skills and experience of your employees.
  • The employer authorization process and CGA-PAKISTAN® training agreement provides structure to the training process, ensuring that all students receive the highest quality and standard of training possible.
  • Exam questions are not just CGA-PAKISTAN® demic, but reflect practical, work-based situations meaning students put theoretical learning into practice.
  • The case studies are the mendatary part of CGA-PAKISTAN® qualification.
  • Learning materials are written by CGA-PAKISTAN® examiners, meaning students are only examined on what appears in the learning materials.
  • Ethics and professional scepticism is integrated throughout CGA-PAKISTAN® training and examined as part of all CGA-PAKISTAN®

The authorized employer model and compulsory components are integral to ensuring the CGA-PAKISTAN® qualification is globally portable. All employers sign up to the same universal training standards, requiring CGA-PAKISTAN®  students to achieve a consistently high benchmark regardless of location or area of expertise. This means that no matter where in the world our students and employers are located, the standards throughout CGA-PAKISTAN® training remain the same. This means your CGA-PAKISTAN® students and qualified employees will have the knowledge, skills and expertise to support your business on a global scale.

Flexibility to suit your business needs:

The modular structure of the CGA-PAKISTAN® and flexible tuition options (residential, classroom, distance, online) allow you to tailor students’ training around your business needs. Modules can be studied and sat in any order, enabling you to priorities your students’ areas of study to their knowledge needs for work. Frequent exam sittings also enable ultimate flexibility for timing study and exams so students aren’t out of the office at busy times.

Support to recruit the best:


Our relationships with schools, colleges and universities can help you to identify the best talent before anyone else does.

Our student recruitment team engages with highly motivated students globally, through a range of on and off-campus activities. From presentations and networking sessions, to commercial awareness and employability skills sessions, our engagement activities aim to help our employers to recruit highly motivated and well informed students into their CGA-PAKISTAN® training.


Continued support for you and your employees:


We offer a wide range of advice and support to you and your CGA-PAKISTAN® students. Right from the start, you will be allocated to one of our regional Business Development Managers who will be able to visit you to discuss your needs and guide you throughout the whole process.

The authorization process is straightforward and free, with one of our dedicated Training and CPD managers visiting you to carry out the authorization. They will make sure you are fully up to speed on all you need to know about CGA-PAKISTAN® training; from how to monitor your students’ progress, to what support you should give them to prepare for exams. Our dedicated help lines are also on hand to support you with any ad-hoc training queries when you need it, simply


In addition to face-to-face support, there are a range of online resources for you and your students. As an employer, your dedicated area of our website gives you more detail about all aspects of CGA-PAKISTAN® training and you’ll also be kept up to date through our monthly e-newsletters. There’s also extensive support for students which includes:

  • face-to-face student inductions (where possible);
  • regular professional development and exam webinars;
  • an online community where students can talk to their peers around the world;
  • dedicated exam resources including past papers and feedback from examiners;
  • free of charge provisional membership of one special interest group and a monthly complimentary e-newsletter from one faculty of their choice;
  • a quarterly dedicated student magazine,
  • regular e-newsletters;
  • access to our would-leading Library and Information Centre; and
  • free and confidential help though our technical and ethical help lines.


If you want to join the CGA-PAKISTAN® as an Employer, you may call or email. You will be warmly welcomed by our team.