As a Tuition Provider

 What is an Approved Tuition Provider (A.T.P.)?

CGA-PAKISTAN®   (A.T.P.s) are the institutes that we have approved to offer training in different programs to meet the continuing education requirements needed by CGA-PAKISTAN®   credential holders. To earn the (A.T.P.) designation, a provider must meet or exceed rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by CGA-PAKISTAN®.

In addition, CGA-PAKISTAN®   will encourage leading tuition providers throughout the country and overseas to become CGA-PAKISTAN®   approved tuition provider (A.T.P) giving formal recognition to provide support and quality tuition to CGA-PAKISTAN®   students offering them the opportunity to succeed. CGA-PAKISTAN®   recognizes the importance of providing support to tuition providers and offers them effective and innovative course delivery methods and challenging performance targets, representing global best practice in the provision of CGA-PAKISTAN®   course tuition and support. In due course CGA-PAKISTAN® ’s tuition providers directory will be established. It will be an online directory of tuition providers who teach any or all parts of CGA-PAKISTAN® ‘s qualifications. It will consist of both formally approved and not approved tuition providers.


Why Become a Approved Tuition Provider (A.T.P.):

Your organization will enjoy exclusive benefits when it achieves A.T.P. status.

When you become an (A.T.P), your organization will gain immediate recognition and greater credibility. Your business will grow as you reach our national and international community.

CGA-PAKISTAN®   supports (A.T.P) s with multiple tools and resources to help develop your business and meet the educational training needs of a growing profession.

  • Take advantage of the A.T.P. directory on used by thousands of visitors each month who seek training and education.
  • Respond to requests for training proposals (RFPs) submitted to CGA-PAKISTAN®  and win new clients.
  • Develop business through collaboration with academic institutions.
  • Use our exclusive marketing portal to access professionally designed marketing materials that you can customize.
  • Become a part of the online( A.T.P) community to network and gain information

Becoming an ICGA Authrized Tuition Provider provides you with these great benefits:

    •        Use of the ICGA’s special registered tuition provider logo for your website and marketing materials
    •        A listing on the registered tuition provider pages on the ICGA website  Information on examination performance for your students (upon request and subject to Data Protection legislation)
    •     Access to the support section of the ICGA website, which contains past exam papers, suggested answers, examiner reports and study support
    • A copy of each new edition of ICGA study texts for the modules you teach
    • A monthly edition of the ICGA’s Governance and Compliance magazine.

Are you currently running ICGA courses, or thinking about setting up new ICGA courses? Find out more about our accreditation scheme, ICGA Global Learning.

Join us as an approved tuition provider, in joining the ICGA Global Learning Scheme your college will be recognized as a ICGA approved tuition provider which will enhance your profile and your ability to attract both students and staff. ICGA will be promoting ICGA Global Learning widely through a range of on and offline media channels, ensuring those providers who work with us are the first choice for students and their employers.

ICGA encourages students to follow a formal course of tuition and to seek out providers who are partners in ICGA Global Learning to ensure they get a high standard of tuition and improve their chances of passing the ICGA exams.

To demonstrate high quality tuition and educational support, ICGA Global Learning is based on global standards. To become an ICGA Global Learning Partner, you will need to be forward looking, student focused and market aware. If you meet our standards, we will support you with a quality award backed by the ICGA brand and the promotion of ICGA Global Learning to ICGA students, their employers and career advisors.

We have a list of key requirements for approved tuition providers that illustrate the criteria that we require prospective tuition providers to meet.

To join the scheme to become an ICGA Approved Tuition Provider it’s important for you to go through these key requirements and think about how you will demonstrate that your organization fulfils these – we offer suggestions of suitable documentation to submit on the key requirements pages.

It’s also important that you read the terms and condititons for the scheme, as you’ll be asked to agree to them in your application.

      • Key Requirements for ATPs
      • Approved Tuition Providers’ scheme terms and conditions

The ATP scheme and the application process is managed by ICGA Education, and you will be able to discuss your application with a member of the ICGA Education team at any stage of the process – simply email

If you’ve checked all of our info and guidance and want to apply to become an ICGA approved tuition provider, then apply online now.