The CGA-PAKISTAN® has designed a rigorous and practical based syllabus for its students and members, which provides quality education and training for students to advance their knowledge, skills and capabilities to meet the changing needs of modern society. It is dedicated to the promotion of the highest accounting, auditing and ethical standards and is committed to play a major role in human resource development.

It promotes high standards of professional conduct and technical competence of members to safeguard public interest and ensures that all CGAs remain at the leading edge throughout their careers. It leads, develops and supports accountancy professionals so that they will excel in their role and contribute to building as the Miracle of Asia and will be a key player in the global economy.
CGA-PAKISTAN® helps its members and student in their career advancement and the professional team is in contact and working with the employers and other financial institutions to place its members and students according to their skills and experience.
Where CGA Can Take You:
There’s more to being a CGA than just being an accountant. CGAs work at every level in businesses, from bookkeepers and advisors to CEOs and financial controllers. CGAs are entrepreneurs themselves, with many setting up their own businesses and practices.
Take a look at some of the roles CGAs work in:
An understanding of accountancy and finance is crucial to making a business work, which is why so many CGAs are entrepreneurs as well as accountants.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO):
The CFO oversees the financial activities of the entire company and is the right-hand to the CEO, Board or President of a company. The role includes financial planning, analyzing data, monitoring cash flow and presenting financial reports.
Practice Owner:
A practice owner is not only an accountant, but a business owner and employer. They work with their clients on a one-to-one basis, managing their accounts, cash flow, profits, etc, to ensure their business is a success.
Forensic Accountant:
The detective of the accountancy profession, forensic accountants investigate and document financial fraud and white collar crime, examining and analyzing data to identify illegal business practices and fraud.
Environmental Accountant:
Environmental accountants examine company’s accounts to ensure they are acting in a responsible way, computing the environmental costs of commercial and industrial decisions.
International Accounting Specialist:
Accountants are often relied on to oversee the international transactions of companies, global investment opportunities and trade agreements. Ireland has a high number of multinational companies who need specialist accountants to liaise with their international offices and clients.
Risk Analyst:
The job of a risk analyst is to identify risks relating to investments, loans, cash flow, etc, with a view to minimising negative effects on the company. Risk analysts work with mathematics and statistics to identify and mitigate risks and establish the viability of future projects for the business.

Career Center:
If you’re looking for new employment, the CGA-PAKISTAN® can help with Career Bank, the CGA-PAKISTAN® ’s online job bank with job listings from across the country. As a CGA-PAKISTAN® member you can also access the CGA-PAKISTAN® ’s Resume Service. Email your resume to, and your resume will be sent to employers seeking candidates with your experience and background.

If you’re an employer looking for staff, you can request resumes to match the position(s) you wish to fill by emailing or calling (+92) 51 2228074