Fixed ‘A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart’

Once the cleaning process is complete you can optimize the registry with NTRegOpt. It will recreate the registry hive, which will remove the slack space which may be left from the old deleted or modified keys. It also works well on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.1. The interface of the program is very simple and intuitive. Based on the concept of a step-by-step wizard, it combines simplicity with efficiency of use and fitness for all categories of users, from novices to professionals. A typical recovery scenario consists of several simple steps.

If the above tools don’t work, then you can consider following another step. After you run the CHKDSK, run the below-mentioned scan command in command prompt. If this tool finds errors, try inserting your current RAM sticks into different RAM slots to confirm whether that the problem exists in the RAM stick or a RAM slot. Then you can take corresponding measures to fix it.

Service & Repair

We recommend leaving the But notify me when critical errors occur checkbox checked. You probably still want Windows XP to notify you about the error, just not Microsoft. Select Change settings on the left side of the window. Choose OK on the Problem Reporting Settings window, and then again on the Change Action Center settings window. Select Problem reporting settings from the Related settings section at the bottom of the window.

  • Now click on apply button to apply changes to the service.
  • During the License Manager initialization or adding/validating the client library API function—the license could not be installed due to an internal error.
  • Download Windows Repair Toolbox using the link above.

Once you get to the Task Manager’s Startup tab, disable every program you see by clicking each program and clicking on the Disable button. Once you see the Run dialog box, go to the text field, type “msconfig” and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. If the File Explorer method does not resolve the problem, open an elevated Command Prompt window to run a more in-depth and advanced check. The CHKDSK utility is designed to find bad sectors on the hard drive and prevent your system from ever using those sectors. It can also attempt to retrieve files stored on those bad sectors, but this is not guaranteed to work all the time.

IObit Malware Fighter Free

Apart from that, any other BIOS or firmware-related issue can also be one of the reasons for this. A virus attack, physically damaged drive, bad sector, corrupt file system, etc. are some other causes. A few unwanted read/write disk errors or warnings occur. This issue can be occurred due to issue with your PC/laptop’s RAM. You can perform reseat RAM in order to fix.

How to Clear Event Viewer Logs on Windows System

On the other end of these channels are someone who is interested in the message. FullEventLogView is also available in other languages. Due to how Windows logs, this event probably doesn’t mean what you think it does. As such you may want to monitor this only for accounts that should never be having their password changed. A WindowsUpdate.log file is created on the desktop by the process. You may load it once the process finishes in any text editor.